EastVanBabes – Wrap Review Comparison piece Number 2


Oh, EastVanBabes, your carriers are SO SOFT.  I don’t know if it’s the organic hemp/recycled fleece material from which their carriers are made or the love that they put into making them that makes me adore them so much?

When Jasmine Cairo opted in on my comparison piece for wraps I was excited her Etsy shop, EastVanBabes, had decided to participate! The unique, one of a kind designs on her wraps are eye catchers and let you and your baby stand out.  As part of her participation, Jasmine sent me a plum colored Octopus wrap made of organic hemp and recycled fleece for me to review.  It has a darling little teal octopus sewn into the fabric in the center.  I am not a cookie cutter carrier mom.  I love things that are unique and that stand out in quality and comfort.  This wrap does just that.  The 5.5 yard length and 20” width of it are sure to fit almost any size mom whether you are sassy skinny or beautifully curved; if you are under 115 pounds or over 300 lbs, Jasmine can do a custom order for you because she is amazing to work with!  The material itself is a good medium weight.  It is not overbearingly thick and hot nor is it super thin.  It would make an excellent everyday carrier for any season, and even though its medium weight it is so warm in the winter!  When I washed it, it kept its vibrant color and only became softer.  The material has a slight stretch to it but keeps it hold, which I feel is important.  I would also like to add that the particular design of this carrier could be used by dads.  I know some men are funny about prints but this wrap would not make a man shy away from wearing it.  This wrap is also affordable!  It cost $64.57, which is a WONDERFUL price for the quality you are getting!!!  Within Jasmine’s collection of wraps, her designs include: owls, cute Samurai bunnies, and sheep which can all be put on whatever color wrap you want!  Also with wrap colors she does custom images.

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Jasmine also sent me a thinner lighter weight black wrap made of the same organic hemp material. While it does not have a design on it, it compliments moms who want a solid color wrap that would go with anything.  I have used this wrap just as much as the octopus wrap for days that I want to tone it down a little.  What I love about this wrap is that it is light weight.  Being from the south and having to deal with our hot weather, I appreciate wraps that are light and somewhat airy.  Do not let the lighter weight wrap fool you, it can still hold its own and holds Kipp like a champ!  It too did not fade and only became softer after washing.

Please do yourself a favor and go check out her lovely store. She is sure to have something to fit your needs and wants.  What I also love about her store is her customer service.  Y’all, she is prompt with her responses and also is extremely easy to talk to and answer any questions you have.  She is a true gem!


To get my wrap click here:

Octopus Wrap

To see her wraps and other items please visit the links below and connect with her on your favorite social networks:


EastVanBabes Etsy Shop

EastVanBabes Facebook

EastVanBabes Pinterest

EastVanBabes Google Plus Page

Check out Jasmine Cairo on Twitter (@EastVanBabes): 

Or email her at:


 I would like to add that I did receive the two mentioned wraps for free in order to review them. This in no way effected my review or thoughts on the quality of them.  They were made with love and it shows, their quality speaks volumes in itself.

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