Snake Bite 😢

Everyday when I get home from work I always let our dogs out to potty.  We have two inside fur babies.  Bocephus (Beaux), is our English Mastiff and Nahla is our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   This evening when I got home I noticed Beaux wasn’t his usual goofy self.  On a normal day he … More Snake Bite 😢

Chronic Absenteeism

We have all been there – kids missing school for one reason or another. Maybe it’s a vacation that just had to happen, sick family members, sick children. Whatever the case may be, generally we have the resources to help our kids stay on track and not fall behind if they miss school. But that … More Chronic Absenteeism

IG Madness

I know the world doesn’t revolve around me and my social media accounts but for the love of goodness….I am so tired of my IG account being toyed with.  I understand the need and the want to have followers but isn’t it a waste of time to go follow someone so they will follow you … More IG Madness

Best Vacation EVER

  Have you ever had a vacation that was just epic? When asked where she wanted to go on vacation this year, my daughter said she wanted to look for gold and diamonds.  Since gold panning was way to far from our home we decided to take a trip to Murfreesboro, Arkansas, to dig for … More Best Vacation EVER

Baby Blowouts=Running late for work. All in the day of a Working Mom-😕

Today was a day like any other….or so I thought.  My husband’s alarm starts ringing in my ears at 4:45am.  Geeze, cut it off already, please!  I know this means I have 15 minutes of precious life altering sleep left before my own alarm goes off at 5.  Didn’t I JUST go to bed?  😴😴 … More Baby Blowouts=Running late for work. All in the day of a Working Mom-😕