Bestway Saluspa Madrid Hottub

Let me tell you. This is something I desperately needed that I didn’t know I needed so bad until I experienced it.

The Madrid inflatable spa from Bestway is flat-out amazing. I give it a solid 10. Now I know you’re wondering why….I mean come on it’s inflatable, surely it can’t be as good as the traditional permanent hot tub. My question to you is why can’t it? I LOVE that it is portable and I can take it up and store it anytime I want to, prolonging the life of my hottub.

I love that it has wifi capabilities and I can download Bestways app and control it from my phone. Helllllo modern technology! You can set the timer on how many hours you want it to run for as well as when you want it to start heating up. The temp goes up to a nice and steamy 104 degrees. The jets are very powerful and provide more than adequate massages. It also sits 1-4 people comfortably so invite a friend or 3 over and hangout for awhile.

When you are done simply put a lid on it to keep the bugs and other things out and to maintain its temperature.

If your in the market for a hottub give this line your consideration and I think you will be very happy with your purchase.

As always,

Peace, love and hugs,


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