Sleeplux air mattresses by bestway make counting sheep easy!

Glamping, camping, roughing it…….

I thought I was going to be in for a rough weekend since I had not camped out in some years. We gathered all of our gear and set out to my moms house for a weekend of camping.

Bestway US sent me two air mattresses to test and my little crew and some family were ready to take them on! All I can say is WOW! These are not your fathers air mattresses from years gone by. Gone are the days when you have to bring a pump for them and all the extras. These babies, both a queen and twin sized, had built in pumps with a USB to charge your phone! Yes you read that right, you can charge your phone with your new air mattresses IF they remain plugged into a wall outlet after you air it up.

We aired them up with my car charger and an extension cord and it took all of maybe 3 minutes and voila! It was done. Each mattress had a built in pillow and were so comfy! They held up all night with kids and never lost air. Another neat thing about them is you can plug them in to let the air out as well and it will suck it out or you can manually push it out.

We loved these and I would HIGHLY recommend them!

Both the queen and twin
The queen holds one big family!

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