Babywearing Indecisive Mother

I want to become a wrap, ring sling and carrier hoader….just kidding…or am I?

In all seriousness, I want/need another ring sling, wrap or carrier.  I only have one sling and it is a Sakura Bloom.  I love it!  My little man is getting bigger and I know the sling will not be good if we go on a long hike or to an all day event this fall.  I had, at one point, a carrier or two from some off brands but gave them to a friend in need. Now I am in the market to buy one!

I have an old Lille Baby complete that is around 4-5 years old but it is on its last leg and honestly uncomfortable for me.  I have heard great things about their new airflows and completes and how comfortable they are so I might give them another try.

Tula is on my list next as an option.  I have a few friends who swear by them but I’ve never tried one.  Are they as comfortable as everyone claims?  Is the material hot?

The only other carrier brands that I am aware of are Ergo and Baby Bjorn.  Are they good?  Do you prefer them over Lille or Tula?  

Let’s talk wraps!  I think Kipp might prefer this method of carrying the best.  I have not gotten the back carry down yet but I’m working on it!  I have a Mo+m wrap from Amazon that is wonderful and I use it constantly.  What brand do you prefer for wrapping?  Lenny Lamb, Boba, Maya?  Why do you prefer them?

Help me to decide what to buy!  I need it to be comfortable for Kipp, sturdy and easy on my back and shoulders.  

Thank you for your input!

Peace, love and blessings,


2 thoughts on “Babywearing Indecisive Mother

  1. I use the Ergobaby Original and I love it! Doll is 1yr4mo now and we don’t use it as often but when we do, I’m always really grateful or it! I’m always recommending it to people 🙂 my husband also has one that he (almost never) uses. In the past I’ve used quite a few different carriers. I’ve tried slings and ring slings and found I just couldn’t make them work for me. I started out using the Moby wrap when Doll was brand new and only stopped using it because I’d wanted an ergobaby all along. That plus it’s rather time consuming to tie it up and heaven forbid you need to adjust it! But it was awesome when she was a newborn so I still recommend it for young babies.

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