Ikala Outfitter Buckle Sling, SLING division of my comparison article.

Rich royal blue complimenting a deep maroon and cream striped pattern make up this gorgeous sling.  Seriously, the pattern is just stunning.  The colors used in this sling are so vibrant and eye catching that even non-babywearing adults will take notice! 
Evelin with Ikala Outfitter on Etsy sent me this beauty to test out for my comparison article.  It is going to be part of my sling division.  It is unlike any other that I have received in and that is what makes me appreciate it!   While it is a sling, it doesn’t not have the traditional metal or aluminum rings that most slings have which can be a huge plus for the moms who do not like messing with the rings and fabric!  This sling is adjusted by a buckled strap, like you would with a backpack.  You can order a sling in whatever size best fits your frame so that your baby and you are comfortable.  Ikala’s manual states that you can back carry, side carry and newborn carry.

Personally, my son liked the side carry the best!  I tried to back carry him but he was not having it.  The inside of the sling offered a lot of room for any size baby to fit in with a deep pocket for their bums to rest. I would recommend a small to anyone 200 lbs. and below for optimum use. 
The craftsmanship is very well made with great stitching and I feel like the straps are sturdy and can hold the weight of not only a baby but a large toddler.  It is also made from 100% Guatemalan organic cotton that is woven!  Below are the sizes/measurements:

►Pouch size:
35.5″ in / 90.17 cm height
36″ in / 91.44 cm width

►Small size (100 to 200 lbs.):
Adjustable padded shoulder strap length
From 15″ to 26″ in / 38.1 to 66.04 cm
4″ in / 10.16 cm strap width 

►Large Size (200+ lbs.):
Adjustable padded shoulder strap length 
From 22″ to 34″ in / 55.88 to 86.36 cm
4″ in / 10.16 cm strap width” 

You will also be sent a PDF file which contains instructions for uses, fitting, washing and wearing:

Instructions for wearing on their Blog

1. Adjusting your sling
2. Nursing Cradle Carry (0-4 months)
3. Diagonal Cradle Carry (0-4 months)
4. Hip Carry (4+ months)
5. Back Carry (4+ months)

CARE: Machine wash cold. Delicate cycle. Wash with like colors. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry or tumble dry low. Medium iron when needed.


The cost of one of these slings will cost you $39.00 USD.

You can get the same sling featured in my pictures right here:  

Ikala Outfitter Etsy Shop Link

If you have any questions about their ring or buckle slings send Evelin an email and she will be happy to answer your questions!  Ikala Outiftter also offers purses, shaws, beautiful bags and many other gorgeous items in their store!!


You can also check them out on:  




Thank you and come back soon for more individual reviews of each item in my baby carrier comparison series!

Peace, Love and Blessings,


One thought on “Ikala Outfitter Buckle Sling, SLING division of my comparison article.

  1. I read each line of your article with so much joy. I am so happy to have been part of your baby sling comparison. Your feedback is so important for our customers, but also for my shop to continually offer great products and make our customers happy.

    Thank you very much for writing this article.




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