The Adventures of Princess Jellibean -Children’s book review

The Adventures of Princess Jellibean 

Written by:  Cindi Handley Goodeaux

The Adventure of Princess Jellibean is about a darling little kitten born with beautifully colored patches of fur.  She loved her toys and dreamed of the far away places her mother read to her about where children play and colors were bold and beautiful

Jellibean couldn’t wait to grow up and explore the colorful world her!  Once she became of age she set out to explore and met someone along the way who made her dreams come true!  
This book by Cindi is sweetly written.  It is a great read for children of any age.  It tells about a kitten that is different and who wants to see and play in the colorful world around her.  She longs to grow up and meet children and play with kids of all colors and capabilites!  I feel it teaches children that no matter what color, age, mental disability or physical capabilites they have they can all play and laugh together and make this world beautiful!  The illustrations inside are very nice and tastefully done.

I would recommend this book to add to your book collection!  

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I did receive a copy of this book for free to read.  It in no way effected my review, as I would still buy it for my children because of the moral of the story!  

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