The clock doesn’t stop ticking….

“Time is not measured by the passing of years but what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves”

                                            -author unknown

Time seems to have slipped by me these past 6 months and I stopped blogging for a while.  I don’t know where it went or how it managed to fly by me so quickly but it did.  

Have you ever had something that stops you in your tracks?  

In December, it happened, the thing I knew would some day come but I was not prepared for.  Death. 

My Papa was life.  He was the fixer of all things, literally, a true jack of all trades. Weed Eaters lined up in his shop, tools in disarray in his shed, and an old beatdown straw hat laying in the passenger seat of that old two-toned chevy. He wasn’t a fancy man but he was the most caring, loving man I have ever known.  

There was nothing he couldn’t fix that was mechanical, sometimes even just by listening he could tell you what was wrong.  He loved moving dirt on his bulldozer, backhoe and tractor…and you could tell it relaxed him.  

Math problems?  Ha!  I am convinced he was a math genius, there were times growing up that I would ask him a question and he would know the answer before I could type it into a calculator.  

You never know the impact you will have on someone even if you think it’s insignificant.  I can remember one Saturday back when I was around 5 years old that he told me he wanted to take me and let me pick out a pair of tennis shoes.  I don’t know why this would stick out so clearly to me or be so important but it has always been a special memory.  We went and got tennis shoes (I’m sure little me at 5 years old had pretty bad taste) but he bought them anyway. 😁  That memory has always made me smile.  

Papa’s passing in December was unexpected and broke our hearts into pieces. We miss him so terribly and there isn’t one day that goes by that something doesn’t make me think of him.  My advice to you is to love your loved ones strongly, hold them tightly, and tell them so very often how much you truly love them.  You never know what tomorrow holds.  Visit your family, spend time with them, laugh, take pictures and videos, ask them silly questions about how and where they grew up!  You won’t regret it!!!

Until next time hippies!
Peace, love and blessings to you,


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