My Love for Reviewing!

Is product testing an addiction? 
Am I really addicted product testing and reviewing?  I think so but in a good way! Here is how it all got started:

Around two years ago I was searching on Amazon for a review and stumbled upon a post.  At the end of the review there was a disclaimer that said,”I received this product for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review.”

What?!  My Nancy Drew instincts came out and I started my research.  I began looking up websites and hash tags until I found some sites that fit my style and went after their products.  As most know, you have to start out reviewing small items like vitamins and such. Once you build your ranking in Amazon you are selected for more desirable items.

After I learned the ropes of Amazon I then went out and applied to larger companies.  Mattel has wonderful product testing opportunities within their company and they are amazing to work with.  

My main reason for wanting to test and review products is this:

Reviews!  I am such a review nerd when it comes to doing research before making purchases!!!  I will read 20 reviews before I go out and buy something.  I want to know WHY someone likes it and also WHY they might not?  Is it going to break after 3 uses?  Does it fit to small?  Is it really going to vacuum my house and sweep my floors?  I love and cherish honesty.  I want to be an honest reviewer so when a hard working family goes out and buys a toy for their baby or a tool for their home they know what their buying. I want to return the honesty that I so much appreciate reading when I am in the market to buy something!  

I hope my other product testing family do the same.  Let’s give good reviews and be honest so we can expect the same when we are in the market for new products!
Thank you!

Peace, Love and Blessings,


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