Crayola has upped their game!

All throughout my childhood I loved to color and do crafts, it helped form me into the art lover that I am today! When asked which colors I wanted my first choice was always Crayola. Crayola has always had top of the line colors, paints and crafts for children.

Crayola now has a line geared towards adults who still love to craft and I LOVE it! They have crafts in a box and some of them to name a few are: trinkets dishes, paint-pour canvas art, wreaths and a few others.

Tryazon collaborated with Crayola to send out party packs for some of their influencers and I was chosen to host one of their crafting parties!! I received the trinket dishes box and their paint-pour canvas art sets. I invited some friends over and we each picked out what we wanted to do.

First, these crafts have everything you need in them to get your craft done. The only thing extra I needed for the paint-pour crafts was water and a measuring spoon, THAT’S IT, everything else was covered. The paint- pour set was easy and fun but can be a little messy so make sure you do it outside or in an area you don’t mind getting paint.

The paint-pour box was the funnest in everyone’s opinion. You have the freedom to mix your paints and see where it takes you. Literally you just pour the paint into cups and place it on your canvas and let it run until you get the desired look you want! These little canvases turn into chic works of art. There are 3 canvases to a box.

We are stirring up our colors here!

The finished effect is perfect!

The trinket dishes are super super easy and also make how you desire! You get three colors to mold into the dish and let it dry for 24 hours then you can decorate the edges or anywhere with a shimmer of gold or silver and a glaze! This was a favorite for those who did not want to paint because it was no mess and easily done and the end result was a cute dish!!!

I am so glad I was chosen for the party because I am a craft-a-holic and I love quality Crayola products! Tweens, teens and adults alike can use these for parties or just for a cute crafts. These new boxes make great girls night fun also! Why pay a large fee for painting with a twist when you can each buy a box and have fun in your home! I recommend giving this a try.

Thank you!

The Cajun Hippie Mama

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