Tryazon Meribel Party!

Tryazon together with Meribel and Jamco Brandz sent me a party pack to review and share with some of my favorite mom friends. This sweet little pack could not have arrived at a better time! The weekend we had our first real cold snap was when my box arrived and our party took place.

In Louisiana cold winter days are few and far between. Some years we jump from Summer straight to Spring with much lacking in the Fall and Winter seasons. This year we are catching a break and seeing some really chilly days in the mix and I am loving it!!!

This party pack included 2 pair of slippers and a mug from Meribel:

My slippers were a sloth set and unicorn llama set! <insert screams> 😍

These babies are beyond soft and so stinking adorable. It is like warm blanket goodness surrounding your feet and keeping them warm. I am a sloth fanatic so I kept those and gave one of my mom friends the Llama set. I am quite sure they will not stay in her closet long because her teen was eyeing them hard lol.

The mug was also a Llama and it was thick and held a lot of hot chocolate. This was the prize in the box that I had to act as a referee on. All of my friends wanted it and after a few games one of them walked away the winner.

Jamco Brandz sent 3 of the cutest toys I have seen on the market recently.

I received 2 Peek-A-Boo Palz, both were puppies. This little Pal is excellent for babies up to later toddler years. My son, who is almost 4, had a death grip on one of these and played with it the whole time. What this toy does is so cute! If you press his left foot he says, “peek a boo” and his ears move in front of his eyes and he giggles! If you press his right foot he will sing, Do your ears hang low. These are absolutely perfect for a babies and toddlers because of their softness and interacting abilities.

I also received a Walkie Talkiez pig. This little ham was loved on and played with the whole night. He is soft yet very unique and fun because he speaks back to you! If you press on him he will repeat back to you very clearly and he does this adorable happy dance! Of course all of the older kids took after it and kept making it say crazy things.

This was by far one of my most favorite reviews and party. The products were very high quality and fun. My friends enjoyed our time together and our kids had fun playing with the pig and puppies.

You can all of the Meribel Designs products on Meribel’s website, where they also have 30% off right now with code: WELCOME30

The Walkie Talkiez and Peek-A-Boo Palz are from Jamco Brandz and their website is:

Yes, we are silly moms, who have silly kids! With this group we never get a straight face or a perfect picture….why? Because we love fun!

Peace, love and blessings,

The Cajun Hippie Mama

Lesley Miller

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