Fitness Tracking Watch

One of the BEST things about being a reviewer is the neat little gadgets were are sent and asked to review.
This past month I really started getting back into reviewing after taking a break from it.  I’ve received some awesome little trinkets and clothes and I can’t wait to post about them.
1st up is this fitness tracking watch!

Who doesn’t love a good pedometer that can sync to your phone and is easy to charge?  
One of the really neat things I like about this watch is that there are no cords to carry around to charge it.  You simply pop off one of the sides and stick the face into your cellphone wall charger!!  Voila!!  It instantly starts charging and you are ready to go.  

Now on to the features:

It has the ability to track your steps and  heart rate, it can tell your phone to take a photo, and also there is a setting for various sports that you can change the setting on to track your movements while playing the desired sport.  All in all, great little watch for the cost!!!  This would be a good starter tracker for a teen or child as well.

You can find this on Amazon!

Peace, love and blessing,


The Cajun Hippie Mama

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