Fade Away Sleep Sounds are the start to a good night’s sleep.  

Have you ever found yourself lying in bed restless because it’s so….quiet?  If you are anything at all like me you have to have background noise to relax you. 

 What sounds comfort you into relaxation?  Is it the sound of the ocean lapping at the sand?  Or maybe it’s the old familiar sound of a washing machine. 

For me, personally, I find the sound of a train passing by on train tracks soothing!  Isn’t it interesting what different sounds can do to different people?

Babies are the same as adults.  What sound may put one child to sleep might wake another. Fade Away Sleep Sounds has a great diversity of options including white noise, which has been proven to be a soothing sound to most fussy babies. Some of the baby sounds they offer are:

Vacuum Cleaner Sounds

Car Ride Sounds

Washing Machine Sounds

Hair Dryer Sounds

Bathtub Sounds

Electric Fan Sounds

Sink Sounds

Shower Sounds

They also have a variety of Life and Nature sounds!  Some of them include:

Rushing River

Rain and Windchimes

Rolling Thunder

Ocean Roar 

Water Sprinkler

Train Tracks

One of the reasons I really enjoyed listening to these sounds was the way they were setup.  Each track is approximately 60 minutes long and slowly fades to silence during the last 10 minutes.  This particular feature is expecially nice when using these for a baby because once it was over I did not have to get out of bed and turn my phone off or down after an hour or two.  I knew that once my sound was complete it would cut itself off.   A few of the sounds I tested on my son are as follows:

Clothes Dryer Sound.

This one reminds me of a lazy Saturday laying on the couch relaxing while you hear the dryer slowly rolling in the background.  I thought it was comforting and my son must have thought so too because he was asleep within 15 minutes of starting it!

Hair Dryer Sound

Ahhhh.  The sound of sitting in a beauty chair while someone plays with your hair while they blow dry it.  This one also makes me think of when I was a little girl I would go sneak in my mom’s bed while she got ready for work and I could hear her blow drying her hair in the background.  I loved it and Kipp, my son, didn’t seem to mind it either. 
Rain and Wind Chimes 

So very relaxing. Period. The end.  Seriously it’s so nice.  Close your eyes and imagine laying in a hammock under a screened in porch listening to the rain as a small wind chime dings in the background.  Kipp was soothed by this one.  I think we all went right to sleep!

Rushing River

It’s the mountains and there is a stream right next to you, it’s like your right there, in a chair taking a nap!  I don’t know how else to describe it but a gentle sready flowing stream of a river over pebbles.  Nature at its finest.  Perfectly captured by Fade Away!

Train Tracks

Personally my favorite!  I don’t know what it is about this one….I love it.  Maybe it’s the rhythmic sounds of the passing train that puts me into relaxation station.  Kipp liked this one too!  He is a lot like me and has to have noise to go to sleep and we loved this one equally.  We both were asleep shortly after it started.

Fade Away has an option to purchase these individually or in bundles.  You can also go to their website and sample a few sounds before purchasing them.  Once you decide what sounds are right for your baby you can download them right to your phone or computer.  Hassle free!  

If you want the best nights sleep for you and your baby, visit their website here:

Fade Away Sleep Sounds

If you have any questions about their products contact its creator Kevin on their contact page or follow him on twitter @fadeawaysleep.

I hope my review of these sounds helps someone who is having trouble sleeping find an alternative solution to your problem.  I was given a few of these sounds by Fade Away to try on my son ato no cost.  I am not obligated to review for Fade Away but chose to because I loved their product and highly recommend it!

Peace, Love and Blessing!

Lesley – thecajunhippiemama

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