Vintage Looking Bicycle Clock

I wanted to order something unique to put on my desk at work like a traditional clock that wasn’t digital. I looked around and found this gem.  I love vintage things and this fit my desk to a T.  

When I received it I was so delighted at how well made and sturdy it is. It is very cute in person and fit perfectly on my desk and it is also a good size. I have had a few coworkers ask about it, commenting on how different of a clock it is. The clock keeps perfect time and I haven’t had any trouble with it. The only thing I could see that someone would not like is that it does not have glass or a protective cover over the hands. This does not bother me because I do not have anyone at work that could mess with them or bend them. This would also make a nice house warming gift.

I want to note that I received this clock at a discounted rate for my honest review. The review is my own and based off of my experience with the clock. I leave my most honest feedback whether good or bad because I also purchase items based on the reviews given.

Click here for your clock:

This review is from: Old Fashioned Bicycle Table Clock (Kitchen)

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