EASYSHOT Targets – Silhouette Target

Are you looking for targets for practice for your concealed carry license or already have a permit to conceal carry? I have a .380 handgun and have been looking for some good targets to use and practice with. When I saw these I had to order them! They came in and are so bright and the orange is great Contrast to the black background. Some targets look faded but these are not at all. They are 18×12 and are a good size with a good number of them to practice with. What I liked about these is that they come with repair dots to patch up the places that you have shot, thus saving you from quickly having to constantly buy new targets. When I used them the repair dot worked perfect and I was extremely satisfied with them.

I did receive these targets at a discounted rate for an honest truthful review. My thoughts about these targets are solely my own and based on my own opinion of them while using them. I try and give my most honest detailed description and summary of what I used because I too read reviews before making a purchasing decision!

Click here for your targets:


This review is from: 50% OFF – Highest Quality Silhouette Targets For Shooting at the Lowest Price – 150 FREE Repair Stickers – HIGH-VIS NEON ORANGE, Bright and Colorful for EASY TO SEE Gun Shot Placement – Size 18″ X 12″ (Misc.)

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