EIALA- Electric Pencil Sharpener

It’s a never ending battle at my house to keep pencils sharpened. We always lose the kids small one and I am forever having to try and sharpen their pencils with one of my cooking knives. It gets old real fast! I was happy when i saw this sharpener and couldn’t wait to have something safer and better to use than my knife. There are two things that I really like about it. One, it’s a good compact size, it’s not all bulky and huge but small enough to bring with you if you have to go somewhere. Which leads me to the other reason I like it, it’s portable. No wires attached to string along, just pop a battery in and you’re good to go. Also, if you don’t have a battery (I didn’t on the first night I received it), you can put your pencil in and manually sharpen it. It is made so that the sharpener on the inside is attached to a rotating device that basically just spins a normal little sharpener around and around. The only con some people might would get mad at is it does not come with batteries included, other than that I wouldn’t see why anyone wouldn’t like it.  Oh!  And the dispenser can be hard to open to get the peelings out, it fits tight and secure.  

I received this sharpener at a discounted rate for my honest review. The review is of my own words and based off of my own experience while using it for my children’s school work. I leave the most honest detailed review about the things I review because I too read reviews before making purchasing decisions.
This review is from: EIALA Electric Pencil Sharpener,Automatic Battery & USB-powered Operated,with One Extra Replacement Sharpener Core (White Electric Pencil Sharpener) (Kitchen)

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