Qinghan Baby Girl 6″ Bows

I am bow obsessed. We have  probably over 100 bows for my daughter and I am constantly buying new ones because some of her other ones get dirty or dingy or just misplaced. I needed a new set before the upcoming school year so I purchased these. I love them. Here is why: first and foremost they are poofy or have good volume to them. Some bows you get are flat and limp and just hang there looking drab. These actually have some body to them and hold their shape. I also like the clip in the back that holds to the hair because it grips it well and doesn’t want to slide out like other brands or bows I have purchased. They are a great size and look good on my 6 year Olds head without being overly big or small as you can see in the pictures. I tried to capture how good they are shaped so that other mama’s who are like me and want height to their bows can see what it would look like on your child and not just a picture of a bow on a table. Also, the color is vibrant and bright, they aren’t muted or poorly dyed. They are good looking bows mamas and i find they are comparable to the ones you would buy in the mall from boutiques for several dollars a bow. There are no cons that I could find other than I need more and want some extra colors to go with my daughters boutique brands. The color variety you get with these are also good with boutique brand clothes because they are not the basic colors, there is a nice mix of colors.

I want to mention that I did receive discount in exchange for my honest review. This review is solely my own words and based off of my time while using the bows on my daughter. I try to be as transparent with the product as I can while leaving reviews so others can see what the pros and cons are as I too read reviews before making purchasing decisions.

If you want this great set of bows,click here:



This review is from: QingHan Baby Girl Grosgrain Ribbon 6” Large Boutique Hair Bows Alligator Clips For Teens Kids Pack Of 20 (Apparel)

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