Low Voltage Training Collar

I have been needing to purchase one of these because I recently got a new dog who sheds a lot. I love my little dog to pieces but I do not want her on my furniture. I bought this to see if it would help me train her to remain on the floor and keep from jumping up in the bed or on the couches and loveseats etc. Ok, I want to start off by saying that the package instructions say do not use on humans do to risk of death etc. I will not shock any animal I own unless I know for sure that it will not hurt them. I tried this out on my leg to make sure that it was safe for my pup before using it on her. It definitely gave me a wowzer shock but it would not be so brutal and inhumane to use on a dog. It is definitely a shock but it isn’t something you would have to worry about killing your dog or seriously hurting them or messing something up on them. You do need to charge both the remote and the collar before using. I made the shock on myself on the highest level and it will get your pups attention. You can also test out the collar with a light up device they included to make sure that it works. I feel like some of the directions could have been better written but anyone should be able to understand it. The beeping noise that it is supposed to make wasn’t that noticeable to me, thus the 4 star rating. You will need to shave or cut down the hair where you are placing it at on the dog for it to work otherwise if your dog is to furry it wont work at all. So far, it has helped with my pup and when I see her trying to jump on the couch I just buzz her at the lowest level to make her stop. 

I want to mention that I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest review. My review is based off of my experience while using this device on my pup and myself all thoughts and wording are strictly my own. I try to leave the most honest straightforward review I can so that others can know what to expect when purchasing this product. I too buy things and read reviews before making decisions.

Click here for your collar:


This review is from: Best Low Voltage Weatherproof Pet Training Collar with Remote, LCD Display and 3 Correctional Settings, 1000-Feet Range (Misc.)

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