Lillypet Dog Diapers

These are nice good quality diapers that I tried to use on my soft coated wheaten terrier and french bulldog . While they were much to big in the waist for my frenchie, they some what fit my SCWT. I initially bought the bigger size because all of the reviews said they run small but these were actually a little to big for my wheaten and definitely to big for my frenchie. I would say they would fit my bloodhound if I could tackle him long enough to get it on him 😉. The fabric is a nice quality and the velcro works very well, (it is not the cheapo velcro that can come with these sorts of things). My wheaten didn’t seem to mind it being on her and she has been wearing it because she sometimes has accidents when we are away. This has saved me from cleaning up pee on the kitchen floor. I want to add that I put a liner in it so it absorbs the urine. I would recommend this size for a larger breed dog.

I did receive a discount on these in exchange for my honest review. The review is based off of my experience while using these diapers on my personal dogs. I try to be as transparent and honest as I can in my review because I too read reviews before buying items.

If you want these diapers click here!

This review is from: SET-2pcs Cute Pet Dog Diaper Reusable Washable Female Girl for Medium & Large Big Dog Breeds Color Random Size Large (Misc.)

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