Good4Pet – Dog Whistle

My dog is basically deaf. She is a french bulldog who started losing her hearing about 5 months ago. Lately, when we call her she can’t hear us so I wanted to get something to aid in getting her to come to us. I know this isn’t the traditional use of these whistles but it has helped me with communicating with my dog. The clicker doesn’t help at all but if you go to the website that comes with the whistle it provides great tips on training using both items.

I received this whistle at a discounted rate for my honest review. The thoughts on my review are strictly my own and based off of my experience while using it.

This review is from: Dog Whistle To Stop Barking and Loud Pet Training Clicker | Silent Dogs Bark Control | Dog Cat Traning Kit | FREE Lanyard | Ebooks Train Safely & Fast | Lifetime Guarantee | Good4Pet (Misc.)

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