Baby Buddy Bottle Wand Review

I hate cleaning bottles. They are the worst to clean without a brush or wand because you can’t get into them to make sure you get all of the old milk or formula sheen out. This wand is a great help! What I like about it compared to other wands is that it makes a dome/circle shape instead of a cylinder shape where the sponges are. The round shape of the sponges really get into the grooves and edges of the bottle to clean. It is also thick and not stingy on the sponges. They are great quality that really hold up with washing. After I finish washing my son’s bottles I simply rinse it off and give it a good shake to get the remaining moisture out and hang it to dry.

I received a discount on the price of this product in exchange for my honest review. The thoughts written by me are solely my own and based off of my experience using this wand. I in no way let the promotional discount sway my rating and feel that this wand truly does deserve it’s 5 stars. I try to be as matter of fact and open and honest with my reviews so other consumers can get a good idea of what they are wanting to purchase.


Click here for you bottle wand:

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