Chicky Joy Baby Bibs

Let me start off with the reasons I like these bibs. 1st, they are extremely soft and made of good quality material. The designs are modern and fresh on the material. By fresh, I mean they are printed with good ink and are vibrant and not dingy looking. The material is also vibrantly colored and not muted like some bibs. On top of being soft they have adjustable snaps in the back for you to choose which size fits your baby best. They also come ironed so that they are creased in a bandana folded position. Here is my first and only complaint, that even though they are ironed they are ironed to where once they are washed they will need to be ironed again to hold their shape. The neck of the bib is folded under. Which is not at all a huge deal in the scheme of things and all of the other pluses make these a really great buy. Personally for me I just wish they were made a little different in the neck area. Someone else may think I’m crazy and consider me wrong but it’s how I feel. They also come packed cute and placed together in a cute paper design with sellers logo. The two pacifier clips are really nice. The design on them are vibrant as well and there is a place to add your child’s name on the back too! I have added pics for your viewing.

I did receive these at a discounted rate for my honest opinion and review. The thoughts towards these bibs are strictly my own and based off of my use and handling of them with my 4 month old son. I gave the most honest straight forward review that I could because I also make purchasing decisions based off of reviews that I read prior to making purchases.

Click here for yours:

This review is from: 4 Pack Stylish Baby Bandana Drool Bibs With 2 FREE Pacifier Clips, Ultra Absorbent, Ultra Soft, Organic Cotton with Snaps, The Perfect Baby Gift Set for Boys & Girls, by Chicky Joy (Baby Product)

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