Artist Choice Gel Pens

Gels! My favorite kind of pen! I love writing and coloring especially now that the new craze is adult coloring, which I am thankful for. I am a huge doodler, always have been and I have owned a lot of gel pens because they are the easiest to doodle with. I sound like a kid right? Sorry! Anyways, if you are like me and enjoy coloring or doodling then this is a very nice set to have. It literally has every color you can think of and they all are different, some are so close on paper that they are hard to distinguish but nevertheless they are different. The gel flows smoothly from them and a great trait I have found them not to bleed or run, which is important when coloring. They come in a average packing set up with velcro that allows you to fold it up for easy carrying. The pens them self are of average plastic but they hold alot of gel within them. There are neons and pastels and glittery gels too. All in all an A+ set!

I want to mention that I received these at a discounted rate for my honest review. My review is based off of my own experience using this product and is in no way affiliated with the company. I too read reviews before making purchasing decisions!

Click Here for these amazing pens!

This review is from: Artist’s Choice 100 Gel Pens with Case Extra Large Set (Office Product)

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