Adorable Dog Ring

I have some real loves for this ring and one con. Let me start off by saying this ring is adorable. It’s really adorable! The metal on it is shiny. And the design is cute as you can see in my pic. It is an awesome piece to add to the collect of any dog lover! It appears to be made well and looks sturdy too. Now, for my con that I can’t get past and the reason for my 3 stars. Sizing! I love it but can’t wear it. When purchasing it does not give you an option for sizing, they just send you a size. I wear a size 7 ring and could not get it past my knuckles. It fits perfect as a pinky ring but as far as other uses for it, I can’t wear it. It also is not adjustable. I decided on three stars because it is still adorable and would fit a tween or child depending on their ring size, again I don’t know what size this ring actually is. Had it been adjustable or fit me I definitely would have given it 4 to 5 stars for overall cuteness and quality.

I want to add that I received this ring at a discounted rate for my honest review. My review is based off of my time and usage of this ring and facts. I try to write as honest and straightforward as i can so that people will see the actual product, as I too read reviews before purchasing items.

Click here for your ring:

This review is from: Antique Bronze Bear Animal Wrap Rings Gift for Women and Girls Unique Ring Fashion Jewelry Adjustable (Jewelry)

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