Taram Baby Bibs

Baby drool, it’s literally on everything at my house right now.  He drools on his playpen, the coffee table, whatever he can get to his little mouth you can bet there will be drool nearby.  Anyone with a baby who is 2 months on up knows the struggle!  

I wanted these cuties for just that reason.  These make the basic bib look boring. I love bandana bibs mainly because they add some variety and shape to the age old square bib template.  It can make their outfits cuter without having a long draping bib hanging down covering them. This particular set is super soft and well made and also comes with wash instructions tag on the back. The snaps are well made and are adjustable as your baby grows. The watermelon one is especially cute. The colors are nice and bright too. Another pro is the stitching is nice and tight. There seems to be no cons that I could find with these. I like everything about them.

I would like to add that I received these bibs at a discounted rate for my honest review and thoughts. My rating I gave is based off of my experience with these bibs by trying them on and feeling them and using them during teething season. I give the most honest and detailed review I can so that you can get a picture of what it is you are looking at.


Click below for yours:


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