Healthy Baby -Asthma and Allergy Plush Puppy

I loved this toy when I first got it in, I really did and so did my son. There is one small problem, there is a set of rings attached on the side and within 3 days of him playing with it, they came unsewed from the dog. I was a little aggitated by this but now we just use the rings as separate chew toys.  Don’t get me wrong, the dog is adorable and my son still loves it in spite of the defect.   All of the other things on it function well and he loves the teething parts too. It is a nice sized toy and very soft and well made other than that one piece. Who knows?  We might have just gotten one that needed a little more stitches added, someone else’s is probably fine but because of this I have to honestly give it 3 stars.

The link for this product is listed below:

This review is from: Healthy Baby: Asthma and Allergy Puppy Plush (Baby Product)

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