Shouvy Under arm Whitener

Some of us mama’s need this, some do not!  As for me, I have dark underarms and elbows and have been wanting to try and correct it but I was skeptical about products and if it would work or leave my skin in rashes or burns. I decided to give this product a try and I am glad I did. If your wanting right now results, this is not for you. It takes time to work and consistency. Here is what I like about it. The fragrance is nice but not overpowering, it’s a light powder smell that eventually wears off. It glides on smoothly and absorbed easily with no mess. I am a sweater so I tried it as a deodorant to test their claims that it can work as a deodorant.  It did NOT work for me in that area.   Even though it may work well for some, I need additional coverage!  Another positive note is it did not leave residue on my clothing. My results are noticeable but I have been using it for a month. My elbows are also lighter which was important to me. It states you can use it on your groin but I did not choose to do this, I think that if one did want to try it, it would work fine and not cause skin issues because of the gentleness of the cream.

The only con I found was that I couldn’t wear it all day as a deodorant, which isn’t a deal breaker for me because like I stated I am active and sweat more than the average person.

I want to mention that I received this cream at a discounted rate for my honest unbiased review. My rating and review is based off of my experience while using this product for over a month. I tried to list as many details as I could and be as transparent as I could. I too read reviews before making purchasing decisions.

If you would like to make this purchase click on the link below:

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