Rise N Shine-Bentonite Indian healing clay- Is Awesome!

I am a nut about trying stuff for my face and especially for my hair. My weekly regimen has always been to use coconut oil on my hair once a week. Ahhhh.  A review for this will be posted later!

When I started seeing how wonderful people talk about this clay I had to try it. I got it and mixed it equal parts with apple cider vinegar (make sure you use a wooden spoon and bowl or plastic depending on your choice and what’s available to you) once mixed, I began at the roots and added it my hair and let it sit for about 45 mins. I then washed with my regular shampoo and styled as usual. I have to say that I liked the outcome. My hair felt soft and clean. I also used the same mixture (what was left) on my face at the same time and my face was smooth and soft too. Be sure to mix your concoction with a wooden or plastic spoon because metals will react with the clay.
Please mix well because it will be very clumpy and not spread well if you do not!  It is also not the greatest smell but it doesn’t stink either.  It is clay so it will smell earthy!

I received this clay at a discounted rate for my honest unbiased review. My rating was based off of my using the clay in my own hair and the results were nice.

If you would like to use this same clay click below:


This review is from: Bentonite Indian Healing Clay (16 oz) – 100% All Natural Face Mask Detox Organic Skin Pore Cleansing Rejuvenates Skin and Hair Helps Acne Psoriasis and Eczema – Pure Sodium Bentonite from Wyoming (Health and Beauty)

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