Bungalow360- Adorable mini backpack for your little “cowboy”

This backpack is adorable! The colors are vibrant and the designs are crisp. The canvas it’s printed on is good quality and over all it is a well made backpack. I had been looking for something that had cows or some kind of cute boy design that I could use for my little man when I don’t want to haul around his regular diaper bag so I ordered this. I did not read the size when I ordered and was expecting a small backpack that I could strap on myself. Warning, when it says it’s mini, it is just that! It is mini! It’s so small that I can actually put it on my 9 month old and it fits him perfect! So if you are wanting something bigger, I would recommend a different size. If you want something cute and supersmall, this is your bag! It can easily fit 4 diapers and some wipes and a bottle inside but you would be hard pressed to fit anything else of bigger mass in it. It’s perfect for small things! My only wish is that it is bigger so I can wear it myself!

I want to mention that I received this bag at a small discount for my honest unbiased review. The review and words are strictly my own and based off of my experience while using it.


If you would like to purchase this adorable backpack clink on the link below:


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