ERolldeep -Portable seat strap for babies and toddlers

I know I’m not the only mom who hates the grimy highchairs in resturants.  You know, the ones every babies mouth has been on and tried to teeth on the lapband?  😨😷

When I first discovered this product I thought, wow, this is an interesting design and concept. I can use it out at resturants, when we go to dinner at friends, and at home if need be.  It’s so easy to slip into the diaper bag that carrying it is a cinch.  Below are some reasons I liked it and a few thoughts on how I felt it could improve.


The pros are that it is extremely convenient to bring with you to restaurants or places that you do not want to put your baby in a high chair. It’s also good for at home use too! The seat slips easily over chairs and adjust easy as well. My son doesn’t seem to being in it so that is definitely a plus for me. There are also a variety of color choices to choose from. 


The only real cons that I found was that I wish it would be made of a different material like a thicker canvas. The material that it is, isn’t bad but I feel a thicker one would be more sturdy and not as cheap.  

I did get asked quite a few times where I bought it while I was using it in restaurants because it really is a neat invention!

I did receive this item at a discounted rate for my honest unbiased review. The thoughts and ratings of this are completely my own and based off of my experience while using it out and about in restaurants and at home with my 9 month old son.

If you want to purchase this product click the link below:

This review is from: ERolldeeP Portable Safety Stretch Strap Feeding Chair Infant Seat Harness Dining Lunch Safety Belt Useful Baby Furniture (Health and Beauty)

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