Baby Blowouts=Running late for work. All in the day of a Working Mom-😕

Today was a day like any other….or so I thought.  My husband’s alarm starts ringing in my ears at 4:45am.  Geeze, cut it off already, please!  I know this means I have 15 minutes of precious life altering sleep left before my own alarm goes off at 5.  Didn’t I JUST go to bed?  😴😴

Like all mornings, I jump up, grab a quick shower and start my morning getting ready for work.  My parents live close to me so I normally let the kids sleep until it is time to leave.  My sweet mom gets them dressed for us and gets them to school while I am at work.  As I am getting my two oldest up and they are putting their shoes on I go to get my baby.

Kipp sleeps in a playpen that is beside my bed so that I can tend to him at night if need be.  When I walk back into my room I smell it…..It’s the awful smell that you instantly know it’s going to be a rotten hot mess of a diaper.  I walk up to the playpen and see it there in all of its messy glory while he sleeps soundly unaware.  Thank the Lord he was still sleeping!  How he was still asleep after that explosion I have no idea but again I was saying silent thank yous to Jesus that he hadn’t woke up and spread it.  I quickly grabbed the wipes and pulled out 20 because this scene called for all hands on deck.  After picking him up I realized that only the bathtub could help us.  Poor little man was wondering what in the world is happening, I am sure.  I turned on the water and let it wash away everything and wrangling off his onesie, careful not to touch him, we finish up his bath.  He quickly gave me his little sweet side grin.  All is now better in his little world.

Once changed and ready to go to Mokie’s(my kids name for my mom).  I bring him to sit with his brother and sister while I put on a hazmat suit to change his bedding.  Haha, just kidding but I sure could have used one!  I clean everything up and put it in the washer and off to mama’s we go!  I will be a little late to work but hey, life happens!

Today, for all of you stay at home mommy’s and working mommy’s pat yourself on the back.  Throw your feet up at some point, whether it be on a couch or if your at work, on your desk during lunch and relax for a minute. Mommying is crazy sometimes but goodness isn’t it beautiful.  Sweet little ones and hot mess diapers,  waking up at 3 or 4:30 in the morning to grab a bottle or to recover your baby’s blanket, homework that never seems to end, it’s all so worth it. It’s all hectic and hyperness and the best years of our lives!  Peace, love and blessings to you and yours sweet mamas!



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One thought on “Baby Blowouts=Running late for work. All in the day of a Working Mom-😕

  1. Love this and I know exactly what this is like. Except my son played with it. So I woke up to a disaster zone. He was smiling the whole time… Lol. Thank you so much for sharing with the #happynowlinkup!


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