My review of the Seven Blu money belt.

I bought this belt because I was going on a hiking trip in Arkansas and wanted something I could wear that would not be bulky or look like a fanny pack. When it arrived I was surprised at how nice it was! I ordered an extra large to ensure that it would fit and I believe that it fits true to size with a little give if need be. The material is a nice stretchy material and there are zippers on both the back and front of the belt to place items in. You can easily wear it around your waist band and have your shirt fit right over it without leaving any large bulks or things sticking out. I was able to fit my Samsung galaxy S5 active in it without a problem. The main zipper to put it on is located on the side of the belt and it zipped and unzipped easily. While hiking, it held up and I was able to pack my keys, phone and another small camera in it. I don’t have any complaints in regards to looks or how it feels, everything functioned as it was supposed to while I used it and it appears to be made of good material.

You can purchase this nice belt on Amazon Here!

I want to mention that I received this belt at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. My review and rating is based off of my experience using this belt while hiking on a few trails near Lake Greeson in Arkansas. I try to leave the most detailed review I can about my use of the belt in hopes it helps someone to make a better decision about their purchase. I too read reviews before making decisions so I value honesty.

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