Sunjazz Cartoon Horse Pencil Case

This review is from: sunjazz Cute Cartoon Horse Pencil Case Canvas Multifunction Pencil Bag Pink (Office Product)

I wanted a pencil bag to put my makeup brushes and Eyeliners in and ordered this one. Oh my word, it is so cute! My daughter actually stole it from me because she wanted it to bring to school go put her pencils in. Before she put her pencils in it she put all of her pocket pets and carried it to church. The pink is bright and the horse is a pretty turquoise. It is also made of good quality. I believe the seller also sells this in different colors for those who may not want pink. All around great pencil bag with no faults or cons that I have found so far.

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. It is important that I point out that my rating of this bag is based on my experience while using it and also that I rate with complete honesty. I am also a consumer and read reviews before making purchasing decisions.

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