Snapping Dog Game

I may have mentioned this in my other reviews but my daughter has an obsession with dogs. They are her utmost favorite thing in the world. This game has became her favorite too. It’s so simple that even our 3 year old cousins play with her and my son and they all equally enjoy it. My daughter is 6 and my son is 5 by the way. The best part is it requires no batteries!!! So they can take a lap-tray in the backseat on long trips and play or play just about anywhere without worry of having to recharge it. In this cute little game, the dog sits there and you have to push down one of his teeth until someone hits the bad tooth. Once the bad tooth is hit then his mouth will chomp down on your finger(don’t worry it doesn’t hurt☺). My kids giggle and laugh and the excitement they have waiting to see who gets the bad tooth cracks me up. This is a fun game for all ages really. The only thing I wish was different was I wish it was a little bigger so that more people could gather around and play, but it is the perfect size for a few and also for traveling!

I received this game at a discounted rate for my honest review. I took time out to actually play and enjoy the game before I made my review. My review is based solely on my experience playing the game with my children and cousin. I was no compensated for my review and I gave it as honestly as I could because I also am a consumer and read reviews before making purchasing decisions!


Click Here to get this fun game!

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