Easy@home Digital Bluetooth Scale

I really wanted to give this scale a 5 Star rating but I honestly couldn’t because i don’t know how accurate the percentages are. I believe the weight is correct for sure but if you are wanting an accurate log of your fat percentages I don’t think a scale can give them to you only a doctor and test. I believe the percentages are very close though. It has a very sleek and nice design and it is also very classy looking and made of good quality. It comes with instructions and an app to download. The app is great and easy to follow and also easy to read. I did love how the app gave you alot of information to track and how user friendly it was. My weight was very accurate because I had just went to the dr 3 days prior to receiving it in, also my bmi was correct. It is a great scale and for some it would have definitely been 5 stars but for me I couldn’t because of not knowing if it was truly accurate on the water and fat percentages.

I did receive this product at a discounted rate for my honest review. It in no way swayed my opinion on the product. My rating is based off of my experience using this scale and that is the reason for my rating. I too am a consumer and read reviews before making purchasing decisions.

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This review is from: Easy@Home Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale with App for iOS and Android Mobile Devices, CF351BT (Health and Beauty)

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