Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

When Kipp was born I was on a mission to find the best wipes.  I bought these because I wanted to try an alternative to the major brand wipes. I think they are pretty good yet I still find myself more partial to Huggies wipes that are scented and seem a little thicker. Don’t get me wrong, these wipes are nice.  They come in nice packaging with easy to open and close packets made for convenient carrying. They work nicely on my baby’s skin and he hasn’t had any reactions to them. They are also pretty thick which is nice too because you don’t feel like you are going to get stuff on your hands from them being so thin like other wipes I have tried. I would say if you are wanting a cheaper alternative to wipes yet still want good quality and thickness, try these!! I am only giving them a 4 star rating because I wish they were a little thicker.

This review is from: Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Wipes with Flip Top Dispenser, 384 Count (Health and Beauty)

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