Detachable Pacifier Holder

I love the new craze of binkie holders. You can get dogs, cats, elephants and just about any animal you want.   They promote hand and eye coordination and from what I’ve seen with my little man, it helps him to hold it and be able to find his mouth easier.  Since this holder helps him to not drop his paci as much this is a huge plus for me. The holder I chose is a dog and it is so very soft and makes cute squeaking noises when you press the squeeze button. Kipp goes nuts over it! Another good thing I have found with this holder is that the paci connector is velcro so that you can switch out the paci if you need to. My only con is that the paci that came with it is cheapish.  I took it off and attached one that i liked better.  All in all I have found this to be a nice holder and the dog is well made!

I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest review. These words are my own and based off of my own experience with this product.

Click here for your sweet puppy:

This review is from: Detachable BPA Free Plush Animal Pacifier and Teether Holder – Cuddly, Soft & Fun – Your Baby Will Love This Squeaky Puppy and Silicone Binky! – Perfect unique Baby Shower Gift! (Baby Product)

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