Kensun Portable Travel Air Pump

I bought this pump and was so thrilled when it came in. My car had been showing low tire sign for a few weeks and I was constantly having to stop at a gas station to air it up because I had not had time to bring my car to the tire repair place. This little machine saved me until I was able to bring my car to get fixed. It plugged right into my lighter and aired my tire up. It comes in a nice black carrying box with multiple tips to air up different things.

 At Christmas, I was able to air my kids bouncy work out balls up in a few seconds, all I had to do was change the tip and plug it into my lighter and it was finished!!! This would be a great gift to give someone going to college or just to put in your car in case of an emergency. I did get this at a discounted rate for my honest review. I highly recommend this product for anyone who travels a lot to put in your car!

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This review is from: Kensun Portable Travel Heavy Duty Multi-Use Air Pump Compressor/Inflator Kit with Hard Carry-Case

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