Why I love Enfamil formula

Hello!  For the moms out there who are tired of the age old debate on formula versus breast, here is just a happy post on what helped me and why!

There are so many debates on formula and breastfeeding, if you’re a new mommy and looking for advice this is maddening.  One site says you’re horrible if you don’t breastfeed, another says that formula is best.  Guess what!  Only YOU know what’s best for YOU and your precious new baby.  What works for Janie might not work for Jill and so on, and so on.  I was one of these mom’s who searched and searched for answers on what I should do and what can help my baby.  Being that I am not one to argue over social media on what’s good and what’s not I will just tell my story.

First, I do believe that breastfeeding is amazing IF you are able to but there are so many mommys out there who are like me and are unable to.  The year before I had my little girl I had a breast reduction. When I found out I was pregnant I began searching for helpful ways to breastfeed and all of the wealth of info new mommy’s try to consume before their little one arrives.  I had it all planned out!  I was going to breastfeed and save money and have this down to a science.  HA!  My intentions were good but I was naive.  After trying to nurse, Lily wasn’t getting enough to eat so we started supplementing with formula.  I would still try and pump and give her milk but I just didn’t have an adequate supply.  Enfamil was what helped me when I couldn’t give her my milk.  Sometimes it’s just necessary that we have to give babies formula and you know what?  It’s all going to be ok.  Your baby isn’t secretly judging you for making them have formula instead of your milk.  What makes them happy is that they are getting held in your loving arms and their bellies are not growling or hungry.  They will still love you and be close to you no matter what, it’s the natural bond that a baby has to its mother, and it wI’ll be there regard less of what its bein fed.

I have used Enfamil for all of my babies. What’s good about this particular formula is you can use it on infants and older babies. I know some people want to caution that babies that are fed formula do not get all of the vital nutrients and necessities that breastfed babies get and are at a higher risk to have more allergies etc., while this may be true my little ones have all turned out healthy and strong. This formula is easy to scoop and affordable too.  

My main reason for writing this post is to help new mommies out there who are searching for uplifting helpful information on a good alternative to breast milk.  I hope you enjoyed it!

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