Silicone Teething Necklace- Turquoise Beads

Teething necklaces are a new fad that has developed within the last few years. I am thankful for them!  When my daughter was a baby there was nothing out there (that I am aware of) that looked this cute!  

In this post I have a multi oval one made of silicone.  I love this necklace! The color is vibrant and a beautiful turquoise. It also has a nice clasp in the back that opens and closes with ease. It is soft and feels great for any baby who is teething and wants to gnaw on it. I will definitely be purchasing more for my little one!

 I do want to disclose that I received this necklace at a discounted rate for my honest until biased review.

Get this cute one here:

This review is from: Silicone Teething Necklace with Baby-safe Jewelry – BPA Free and FDA Approved, Best Soothing Method, Organic Natural Teether , Teething Necklace for Mom (Baby Product)

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