Mo+m Baby Wrap (Black)

Ok, let me brag on this wrap. I LOVE it. Seriously, love it. I have a moby wrap, parents of invention wrap and a few other brands and this one is one of my favorites. 1st, I love how soft it is. I love that it is thick (along the lines of a moby wrap as far as thickness goes) and I love that it has some give in it when I wrap it around me but not enough give that would let my baby sag after a few hours of wear. To me this last thing I mentioned is so important. I hate when my baby sags with some other brands, but with this wrap he never sags and it is wide so it covers him better in my opinion. I also like how the ends taper off into a v type shape instead of ending in a solid square ends, it makes tying it easier and also not a bulky looking hang off. There is honestly nothing that I would change about this wrap. I received this wrap at a discounted rate for my honest review, and these thoughts on the wrap are my own. If you are looking for a good wrap for your baby, I would definitely try this one out.

Click here for this awesome wrap:

This review is from: Mo+m Baby Wrap (Black) – Ultra Soft Infant Sling Child Carrier Keeps Your Baby Comfortable & Safe – 4 Different Carries – Cotton/Spandex Stretchy Wrap (Baby Product)

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