Kushies Organic Jersey Play Pen Fitted Sheet in Mocha


Why is it so hard to find soft sheets for a playpen?  I searched everywhere for some.  Recently, I bought some Graco sheets from Babys-r-us and got them home only to find that they were rougher than dollar store toilet paper.  Even after 3 washes they did not soften up.  So, in my quest to find something softer I searched online and I found these!! They are so soft right out of the package and when washed they turn even softer.   I would like to add that I have a small play pen mattress that I use and the sheet fits snuggly over it and does not pop off.  If you are looking for something soft, I highly recommend these sheets!

Get yours here:


This review is from: Kushies Organic Jersey Play Pen Fitted Sheet, Mocha (Baby Product)

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