Handfuls and Heartfuls Baby Carrier

I got this carrier because I have a bouncing 4 month old baby boy. He LOVES to look around and be held and is just all around nosey and our wraps can be difficult at times to unwrap when we are out and about and a carrier would be perfect to throw on. When I took this one out of the box I was surprised at how lite and breathable it was. I was also not heavy or bulky like another one that I own. I have seen some carriers that look complicated at first glance but this one was easy peasey to figure out. With this carrier you can use facing outward and also inward. My little guy likes both positions so I gave both a try. He did awesome on the inward facing and he seems to get adequate leg support and neck support. The material is very breathable, while no carrier will guarantee you not to sweat this one helps to aid by having breathable fabric that allows you to stay cooler than you would with other materials. So the only Con I would say that I had with this carrier is that the neck portion is high on it and if you forward face then your baby will likely not be able to see out of it if he/she is really small. I folded the neck down but it was still level with my sons mouth, in which he constantly chewed on it lol. I’m sure he didn’t mine because he is teething but I would have liked to see it go a little lower, preferably below his neck. This isn’t enough to warrant a 4 star review to me because I still enjoyed it and the ease of using it as well as the materials. So all in all, if you are looking for something easy, breathable and lite then I would def try this. I am also not a super tiny girl, and it fit my fine around my waist (right now I am bout a 14).
I want to mention that I did receive this carrier at a discounted rate for my honest review. The thoughts on this carrier are my own and based solely off of my experience with it while testing it out and using it daily at the ball fields with my son. The discount in no way swayed my decision because I to read reviews when I am looking to purchase items!

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This review is from: Baby Carrier by Handfuls and Heartfuls/Breathable Mesh/3 Positions/Ideal Baby Gift (Baby Product)

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