Grandpa Beck’s Nuts about Mutts Card Game

My 6 year old daughter is completely and utterly obsessed with dogs. Not just one breed but if it wags it tail and follows you around she is going to love it. When I saw this game at Christmas I had to buy it for her.  When she opened her stocking and saw it she just about came unglued. We opened it and played it with our family. The box is cute and made of sturdy cardboard with cute dog graphics on the front. The cards are nice and glossy and brightly printed on sturdy stock as well. This game is a learning game some what similar to Uno. Your children can learn to match, learn their colors and numbers too all while having fun. My daughter and sons favorite part is when they get fleas lol. We will all just laugh and they giggle forever afterwards. Basically as soon as we finish a game they beg to replay. I want to buy Grandpa Beck’s other games because this one is so kid friendly and exciting for my children.
I was asked to test this product at a discounted rate for my honest unbiased review. All thoughts on the game are mine and of my own opinion relevant to my experience while playing this game.


Click here for yours:

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