CuddleBug 3-in-1 Mei Tai Carrier

This is the first Mei Tai carrier I have ever received and I like it alot. My son is 4 months old and he fits nicely in it when I carry him facing me. I found it fairly easy to put on by simply tying a knot in the back and letting it hang down in the front. I then would put my son facing me while I then sling my straps over my shoulder in a criss cross x shape to double around and tie in a knot. While my son enjoys being in it when he is facing me he hates it when I face him outward. I don’t know if he’s super uncomfortable or what? We have a back pack style carrier that he loves facing out in but for some reason he just does not enjoy facing out in this particular carrier. As far as comfort goes the straps for my shoulder are comfortable for me and have enough padding that it does not hurt my shoulders. I received many compliments on how pretty it is and I would suspect if you wanted to get this as a shower gift it would he extremely easy to monogram and it would be super cute!! The pattern is nice and it also comes in a matching drawstring back which is also nice because when I am done I fold it up and throw it in the bag and can hang it from my stroller for easy access. My only con I found with it was that I wish they came in more patterns and also that I don’t know how comfortable my son is in it facing front wards. I definitely feel that any mom would like it for carrying her baby as I know I have enjoyed using it around the house and at the ball fields this season.
I received this carrier at a discounted rate for my honest review. The thoughts on this carrier are my own and based off of my experience using it. I have left the most honest review that I could because I too purchase items and read reviews before purchasing!

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This review is from: CuddleBug 3-in-1 Mei Tai Carrier With Hood – 100% Cotton Mei Tai Front Carrier – Fully Adjustable – Baby Shower Gift – Perfect for Nursery Sets – Unisex! (Baby Product)

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