Babylian Baby Carrier

There are many things I love about this carrier! First I love the comfort! It is comfortable all the way around in all carrying positions except the side sling which I honestly did not try out due to my son being to big. The padding in it is wonderful and thick. It’s a rich dark blue with cream on the straps. The waist strap buckles and unbuckles and also it has great padding. There is also a way to shade your baby’s head while carrying him or her which I was extremely impressed with. My son loved both the front inward carry as well as the facing out option. The front of the carrier also has a nice pocket to place your cell phone or keys in, that is a feature that I use often while I have it on. It is also extremely user friendly. I want to mention that at first I had to have my husband help me put it on to adjust all of my straps where they needed to be size wise for me. I would think initially having someone there to help you adjust it to your size would be helpful but after that it should be easy for you to put on and off quickly. Someone might find that as a con but I don’t think it is because you will need help with any carrier on your first fitting. This carrier also come with a great set of instructions.
I did receive this carrier at a discounted rate for my honest review. The thoughts on this review are my own and based off of my own experience using this carrier at the ball fields and out shopping. I make my reviews honest because I too read reviews before making purchasing decisions.

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This review is from: [CPSC Certificated] Babylian Baby & Children Ergonomic Soft Carrier for Baby of 3~36 mounths/3.5~25kg (black-blue) (Baby Product)

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