Snake Bite 😢

Everyday when I get home from work I always let our dogs out to potty. 

We have two inside fur babies.  Bocephus (Beaux), is our English Mastiff and Nahla is our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.  

This evening when I got home I noticed Beaux wasn’t his usual goofy self.  On a normal day he greets me by running up to me and plopping down infront of me while he stares me down, tail waggin 100 MPH, waiting to be petted.  Since I was after the kids to get their baths and trying to keep Kipp from chewing on the edge of my coffee table I didn’t notice his leg at first.  I let them outside and upon calling them back in I noticed Beaux walking slow and funny.  Usually, he barrels up our steps to come back in.  My first thought was oh no, he must be sick.  It was dark outside but our porch light shined just bright enough for me to see IT.  His poor paw…it is 4 times as big as the other back paw.  He is looking at me like, “mama, help me!”  I go down and try and help him to the top (laughable).  Once inside I see how big it is and the marks.  It must have happened this morning when I let him out.  Poor baby boy!  We got him some antibiotics and pain pill to help him out for the next few days.

For our nightly prayers and prayer request we do before bed, Lily wanted us to pray for him to be healed and Karson wanted us to pray for an electric fence to keep the snakes out of our yard. 😊  😇

Thank heaven for praying babies and that Jesus be a fence around us and our lives.

Prayers for Beaux are appreciated 💕💕
Peace, Love and Blessings,

Lesley- 💜💜

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