Pour some SUGAR on me..😩

Good morning!  Or is it?! 

I have this idea in my head that I need to loose some weight and become healthier.  My love to hate relationship with fluffy sweet cupcakes and soft chocolate chip cookies have gotten me into a mess….and gotten me out of fitting in my jeans comfortably.  I need this!  

Growing up, pre-marriage and babies, I worked out about 4 times a week and was pretty healthy.  Fast forward to now, um, where did that girl go?  Let me tell you, she went and got herself married and has three kids and she barely has time to take a long relaxing bath at night much less workout for an hour everyday.  She is running, but it’s not in the form of exercise.  I am running to work (see post about Kipp’s hot mess diaper), running to the bus stop to meet Lily, running here and there and everywhere.  I love it though, it’s our fast paced life and I wouldn’t trade it for one day of being the old me with time on my hands.  Except the weight, yes, I would trade that faster than the NYSE.  

It is my fault because I love food!  So, in my efforts to become healthier and reduce my insulin(PCOS) I am trying the Keto diet.  It looks relatively doable.  So cheers to me and my efforts.  We will see how this goes.  My goal is 40 pounds.

Do you have any tips for me?  What about pinterest ideas?  If I choose your meal to try and like it I will give a shout out to you on my twitter/IG/and blog post.  Feel free to share so I can get more ideas.  I will pick a winner each week!

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